Making Your Own Book Trailer


Getting Started

Your mission - create a 30 second SELL SELL SELL compelling book trailer to influence others in choosing your book! Tease your viewers - leave them hungry to start reading NOW!

  • Choose your book.
  • Choose your video mixing tool

NovelHelp ~ Follow this detailed tutorial for insight into the work flow of making a book trailer called Death by Artichoke from start to finish.


These basic elements must blend together before a book trailer is able to compel the viewer to buy your novel or nonfiction work. The journey begins with a STORYBOARD or MEDIA MAP of how your elements will mix together.

Top_Movie_Taglines.001.jpg1) the text - choose tag lines that will either become the actual words used on the screen; a voice spoken; or just organize your key points or images for your trailer.

2) the photos/artwork/video clips - showing NOT telling - choose images with emotional content to illuminate the viewer's experience.

3) the soundtrack (either music or sound effects) - sound is 50% of content message - choose deliberately and strategically!

4) the narration - optional but adds dimension and personal connection - voiceovers should immerse viewers in the experience!

5) a working knowledge of your video/image/audio editing software - make time for new learning curves!

BEFORE wrapping up your book trailer, test with a few classmates or others to get their reaction and feedback. Use comments to fine tune your book trailer.