Learning Lab TWO

Task: Exploring VoiceThread Book Trailerspopcorn.jpg

  • Work in pairs
  • Organize for headsets and audio splitters
  • Sign into Bernajean's VoiceThread.com
  • User Name = info@DigiTales.us
  • Password = engagedkids
  • Click on Browse Tab
  • Search for --> Book Trailers

Reflective Questions

  1. While viewing BookTrailers - what is working? what would you coach students to improve?
  2. Which BookTrailer would you nominate for an award and why?
  3. Get the URL of ONE that you would say is the BEST of the BEST
  4. Copy and paste the BEST of the BEST in the ietherpad document we have created for the day!
  5. Add a reflective note to the ietherpad on WHY you chose what you chose!

Extra Task IF Interested - Add a Voice Comment

  • Add voice comments to student work IF interested - make comments useful!
  • After watching an individual Book Trailer, Click on Bernajean's photo at bottom of the voicethread to "Switch Identities."
  • A pop-up window will give you a choice of Critters that I have preloaded. Choice an animal to be YOU. Please do not use my personal photo for your comments. The "critter" you selected will stay the same for the rest of the logon.
  • Add a voice or text comment by clicking on the COMMENT button at bottom of voicethread. NOT all voicethreads have given permission for comments. So if it is missing, the author decided to keep it closed.
  • Choose record for voice comments or the letter "A" for typing a text comment.
  • After sharing your comment, you can choose "save" or choose "cancel"